What you need for your next hike in Whistler

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, we’re proud to say that Whistler boasts a variety of options for every ability level. In saying that, the length of your hike will then influence what you bring with you but it can be safe to say that there are a few things you’ll need no matter where you’re at in your hiking ability or the distance you choose. Here are a few things we recommend having on your next hike in Whistler:

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This is a big one whether you’re going for a short out and back hike or an overnighter, proper footwear will make or break your experience. Sturdy and enclosed shoes are recommended but we don’t necessarily think you need the big and sturdy stereotypical hiking shoe. At the end of the day you need to be comfortable and something as simple as a trail running shoe with good traction and some hardiness will suit just fine for our trails. Also, some good socks won’t go astray either.


Even if the hike you’re choosing isn’t big, it’ll most likely be warm out and you may not necessarily be particularly close to somewhere food is sold. We recommend carrying some water, whether in a bottle or in a pack and a few snacks. Clif Bars, Vega snack bars, a ziploc with some mixed nuts and dates or mum’s homemade granola bars will do.


Tracking your hike might be a nice addition so that you can see where you went and show friends or to get an idea of your distance. A map is a must-have depending on where you’re going and your familarity with the trail. Your phone is always handy to have in the event you get lost or you see someone who is injured and needs assistance. Just pop your phone on airplane mode for when you don’t need it so you can save your battery. Oh and use your phone to take photos of the amazing scenery of course.


We’re not kidding and although ‘outfit’ seems like an odd thing to have on a list of things needed, it is incredibly important. You’re going to be hiking and it’s going to get warm and probably dirty. Anything moisture-wicking for outdoor activities gets a huge thumbs up, comfort is also key and it’s a wise idea to bring an additional layer just in case it cools down or you want to protect yourself a bit more from the sun.


Protect your face and your eyes! Likely if you’re hike goes into the forest you can put both away, but once you exit the covers of the forest you’re going to want your sunglasses. This is also a good time to mention to remember to slap on some sunscreen.

Lastly, don’t forget a smile. Remember to tell people where you’re going and better yet, hike with a friend! Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to do your hike and come back before the sun starts to come down.

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