5 winter hikes in Whistler with stunning views

Winter is certainly the time for getting the heart going with two planks on your feet pointing downhill. But there’s another way to thump some life into the old ticker, and that’s to go for a snowshoe hike. Of course nothing beats a view on the way or at the end of the trail. Here are a few of our favourite winter hikes around Whistler that boast stunning vistas year long. Don’t forget to stop and smell the pine needles.

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Alexander Falls

Nothing beats a frozen waterfall, especially one that’s 55 metres high and seen after snowshoeing for three-and-a-half kilometres in moderate terrain. Find this incredible gem through Callaghan Country in Whistler Olympic Park. If you’re lucky the spray from the falls will have created giant icicles in a small cave off to the side; just be careful about being under them if the sun is out. Added bonus: this hike is pooch-friendly.

Cheakamus River

Flank Trail

A hop, skip and a jump across the highway from Cheakamus Crossing is Flank Trail in Function Junction. While this section is a popular biking trail in the summer, it’s a great heart-thumping snowshoe trail in the winter as it winds its way up and over to Sproatt and onwards to Rainbow Mountain. Start at Rainbow for a gentler hike and Function for a steeper beginning. The upside to starting at Rainbow is the chance of seeing a small frozen waterfall much sooner.

Joffre Lakes


There’s something undeniably thrilling about walking across a frozen lake and at Joffre Lakes you get to do it not once, but three times as you ascend into the alpine. At the third lake you’re greeted with jaw-dropping views of a glacier. While this hike is easily done in a day, camping out on a frozen lake in the winter isa Canadian experience you can’t beat. Of course, always check if the lake is safe before you traverse onto or across it.


Callaghan Valley

There is a wide network of snowshoe trails in Callaghan begging to be discovered. Start off easy with some flat trails that are under 2km or push your limits with some short but steep ascents that head straight up through the trees. Don’t forget your heel lifts! Your calves will thank you in the morning. If heading up isn’t for you, you can still get your heartrate up by running – yes, it is possible on snowshoes – on the flatter trails. No matter where you go, you’ll be greeted by the wide open views that make up the Callaghan valley.