5 hiking trails to explore in Whistler once the snow melts

In the winter there is definitely no shortage of trails to explore with two planks attached to your feet (or one) but if you’re after greenery, warmth on your face and your hiking shoes then you’ll have to wait for the white stuff to melt away. Once it does though, there is a vast trail network in and around Whistler perfect for a variety of abilities and great for families. Here are a few of our favourites that boast incredible views to boot:

Cheakamus Lake

This hike is accessible just as you enter Whistler heading northbound and is one of the easier hikes to complete in the Garibaldi Provincial Park. The elevation gain is minimal and takes around 4-5 hours to complete roundtrip. Once you arrive though, you’re welcomed into a quiet and serene lake perfect for a picnic or a quick dip.


Wedgemount Lake

This hike is a bit more difficult and not for the newbie hiker but if you have a few hikes under your belt and feel good tackling the 14km trip then we can’t recommend this hike enough. While this hike gains most of the elevation in the first 7km, it’s incredibly picturesque the whole way through making it worth it! Not too long into the hike, you’ll cross a few bridges and witness evidence of a rock slide. Keep going! Eventually you’ll arrive at the beautiful lake and take a breather. You may even find some campers when you arrive!

Garibaldi Lake

The trail for this hikes follows the same path as Cheakamus Lake for awhile until you see signs about halfway to split off to Garibaldi Lake. The total distance for this hike is 18km and often people will turn it into an overnight expedition. A popular hike for its glacial backdrop and its location, nestled between the alpine mountains. You can make this hike shorter or longer depending on the trail you pick. You can make it longer by going way of Taylor Meadows, a popular hiker camping spot, or continuing along the more direct Garibaldi Lake trail. Choose your own adventure.

High Note Trail

Located on Whistler Mountain, this is a trail not to miss during your stay in Whistler. You’ll need a ticket to upload but the views make it worth it. This trail winds around the backside of Whistler Mountain and explores meadows filled with wildflowers, natural creeks, boulder fields and even shots of Cheakamus Lake and another smaller lake by Black Tusk. In some years depending on the previous winter, you’ll even find yourself surrounded by walls of snow as you descend back towards the Whistler Roundhouse Lodge. There’s plenty to see on a trail like this.

Brandywine Meadows

Have a four-legged friend to take hiking? This hike is for you. Dog-friendly, this 6km roundtrip hike is located in the Callaghan not too far outside of Whistler village. The first kilometre is a bit steep and parts of the trail aren’t as well marked as other trails in the area however so do keep this in mind. But it’s a great trail that hasn’t been known to be overly busy and open up to a beautiful meadow to eat at and enjoy the fresh mountain air. You can also get a view of Black Tusk on a clear day as you head back to the trailhead.


With any hike, we always recommend that you let someone know when and where you’re going and what time you expect to be back. Don’t hike alone and ensure you have plenty of food, water and ideal clothing and footwear. Always check the weather and trail conditions ahead of time.