How About Some Wild Time At #GOFest2016 and #GOGreen

The proof is in the pudding – spending time in nature makes us happier, healthier, calmer, kinder and wiser people. Spending time outdoors inspires creativity, stimulates imagination and embeds confidence in young, developing minds. Yet, the average North American child spends less than 30 minutes a day playing outside (and hours in front of a screen)!

Join GO Green at GO Fest on May 21 to connect with nature, ignite discovery and inspire actions that help protect our planet for future generations. The GO Green Nature Scavenger Hunt will take place from 1:00-4:00pm in Florence Peterson Park. Everyone can go wild outside while exploring Whistler’s natural playground! Make sure to check out the Environmental Expo around Town Plaza between Noon-5:00 pm to learn more about the environmental organizations that are working to protect Whistler’s wilderness and be inspired to play outside in new ways:

  • Dine alfresco – Pack a delicious feast to enjoy from any number of stunning vantage points around local lakes or at the top of the closest peak. Talk to Earthsave Whistler at the Environmental Expo about the importance of choosing foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of all animals.
  • Dig in – Plant and take home a potted sitka rose with the Sea to Sky Invasives Species Council (SSISC) at the GO Green Environmental Expo and work your way towards building a bee and butterfly friendly garden in your yard or on your patio.
  • Tune in – Pop out the earbuds for half an hour and listen! There’s a symphony around you at all times including running rivers and the whistling wind. Water and wind are commonly used to create clean energy, learn more about this from BC Hydro at the Environmental Expo.
  • Make mud pies – Did you know the bacteria in soil acts as a natural antidepressant? Learn all about the health benefits of growing your food in nutrient rich soil with Whistler’s environmental charity, AWARE at the Environmental Expo.

The adventures are endless when you use your imagination, so come up with some of your own ways to spend time outdoors. After all, children who spend time in nature are more likely to care for the environment as adults, so help to protect our nature playground by getting the whole family outside to play today! #GOFest2016