Treasure Hunting in Whistler

Treasure Hunting in Whistler at the GO Green Nature Scavenger Hunt and Every day!

Whistler’s wild outdoors drew most to this place and the hidden treasures discovered over the course of a stopover drew most to stay. The Sea to Sky is laden with awe inspiring vista’s and experiences, from a once in a lifetime heli drop to a well ridden, but favorite bike trail. Whether here for a short visit or a lifetime, most won’t even scratch the surface in discovering all of what this place has to offer!

GO Fest invites you to join us on Saturday, May 20th at the GO Green Nature Scavenger Hunt from 1-4PM at Florence Peterson Park (behind the Whistler Public Library) to slow down and learn to look a little closer at the marvels that surround us. An expert Naturalist and First Nations Ambassador will be on site to help guide you to see and understand this place a little deeper. Use the provided weather proof BINGO sheet to guide you around the park at your own pace and into conversations with our talented adventure leaders. From the cultural significance of the cedar tree to using indicator species such as the grizzly bear to pinpoint thriving ecosystems, there will be something for everyone to learn as we explore whistler’s outdoors.

Feel like you’ve discovered most of what this place has to offer? Challenge yourself in your everyday life to find new and exciting discoveries by opting to explore the outdoors through a new lens – the excitement and wonder of a child, the nose of a bear cub emerging from hibernation or the deeply connected roots of the ancient cedars. Challenge yourself to realize the value of this place in a way you haven’t before, because there is much more to see, experience, hear, smell and feel than what we allow ourselves in our fast paced and overloaded lives.

Get outside and play – you might find a treasure or two along the way!

Written by By Stephanie Hubbard