6 tips to make the most out of your Whistler weekend

Welcome to Whistler: your number one year round destination in North America! Ski in the morning, bike in the afternoon or if that isn’t your thing then you can pick from a variety of other activities that takes your fancy. While we might be biased towards staying in Whistler every day, if you can only make it for the weekend then that’s good too! We have 6 tips for you to make the most out of your Whistler weekend:

My entire afternoon was spent in this setting. Can’t wait until the water is warmer and doesn’t hurt my feet! I love this place.

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1.Find your activity

Depending on the time of year you arrive will depend on the types of activities available, however Whistler being the unique mountain town it is there are select times throughout the year that you can do summer and winter activities in one day. We definitely recommend trying something new but old favorites are also tough to beat. Whatever you decide we’re sure you’ll have fun. Not too sure what to do or where to start with? Chat to the Village Hosts as you wander through the village, or ask your concierge. Better yet, this is the perfect opportunity to befriend a local!

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2. Enjoy some down time

Weekends away should include some R&R, especially if you’ve been hiking, biking or skiing so we recommend taking a time out at the Scandinave Spa, nestled into the trails north of the village this spot is sure to help you reconnect with yourself and take 5.

3. Taste all the food!

Whistler boasts a variety of restaurants and bars to enjoy at your leisure, with new ones popping up all the time. Whether it’s breakfast or apres, there’s something for everyone at every time of day. Enjoy breakfast at the Wildwood located in the Crystal Lodge or a delicious charcuterie board in the evening before a movie.

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4. Explore each base

Did you know that Whistler has three mountain bases for its two mountains? You have Blackcomb, Whistler village and Creekside bases and each one has its own personality. Don’t confine yourself to just one! Give yourself a chance to make use of the valley trail and take a wander. Each base has its own shops, cafe’s and restaurants. If you stop by Dusty’s Bar and BBQ in Creekside in the summer don’t forget to look up and see the resident bears chomping on the grass further up the mountain.

5. Rent a bike

We have a variety of lakes in Whistler with beautiful picturesque mountain views as a backdrop. Rent a bike from your hotel or store closest to you and see how many of our lakes you can go to. They’re a bit cold to swim in during parts of the year, but the middle of summer is the sweet spot!

6. Grab a friend and explore the Cheakamus area

Cheakamus is located on your right just as you enter Whistler (opposite Function Junction) and is not only home to many Whistler locals but is also a large trail network that leads you to lakes, suspension bridges and gorgeous waterfalls. We always recommend hiking with a friend, having the right gear and leaving yourself enough time for daylight but this is an area not to be missed.

Make the absolute most out of your weekend and enjoy everything we have to offer. Pace yourself though, we have plenty to see and do!